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Pro Evolution Soccere

Review about Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) Do you know, popularity of football never lose time by time. To make you feel more satisfied, now Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is designed with greater feature. Yes, for most both game and football lovers, the appearance of latest update or version of this game is becoming a pride. How is about you? Even though football is known as a kind of sports, but more and more individuals sometime prefer to choose football in game. As most popular football game, this never lost its popularity time by time. The new version is commonly released in the end of year. The update information about this game series is able to find at some online sources. I am always interested to talk more about this game because I know how many people are waiting for coming of new version. Some football players ever become cover model of this game such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Götze. Due to they become model of the dvd cover of this game, so the number of this game's player increase so fast. If you want to know more about this game, now you can also access our site or even keeping to read this article. In December, 2011, Pro Evolution Soccer was translated to 19 languages and the game was available in 62 countries worldwide. It means your location will not becoming problem more because you can choose the series that is suit to your origin language. Even though it comes with different language options, but you are still able to enjoy your gaming time because I know you are always passionate. To get latest version of this most popular game in the world, you can ask me or even coming to our site. Later, we are going to inform whene you can play Pro Evolution Soccer.

Fifa Soccer

Fifa Soccer as game football What is on your mind when we talk about Fifa Soccer? Yes, this is not the name of champion, but the name of game. The football game is becoming top game choice for most people, regardless gender. What do you know about it? This game is known as game that was released by Electronic Arts company. Yes, it might be not something new for you all because you have known it before. Unfortunately, some game lovers do not know about its first appearance. When was Fifa Soccer release? It came in the middle of 1993. Now, it is becoming popular game, so if you never try to play this game before, you will never know the exciting of this game. The latest series is featured by a variety of worldwide League, which you can try base on your favorite choice. Yes, you can ask your friend for playing this game together.

Winning Eleven

The other name of Pro Evolution Soccer Are you interested to talk more about Winning Eleven? If you say yes then I am going to continue writing this article. From internet, you can get more and more reviews about this game, but do you know? This is is not new releasing game because most of you know its appearance some years ago. If you know Pro Evolution Soccer, surely you know how it becomes most popular game, right? The “Winning Eleven" is other name of PES game which is marketable and available in Japan. So, even though you love playing this game, but it does not mean you will get similar name in the other country. The most surprising news about this game is, in December 2012, it is sold for about 81.65 million copies worldwide. From the number of selling, this is known as most popular game. Yes, it is able to play by everybody.